Proud To Be Me II

  • by Nicol Hick and Graham Wilmer
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My name is Nicol Hick and I lived with the consequences of aggressive behaviour from childhood. When I left home at sixteen, I thought I had left it all behind me. All I had done was left one situation and moved on to create my own. The legacy of my experiences had remained with me. This influenced the relationships I chose, my expectations of others and how I felt about myself. I did not live my life; I simply existed from one crisis to another. For many years I used to feel like I walked round with ‘doormat’ stamped on my forehead, manipulated by those who I thought were my friends and abused within my personal relationships. Throughout all this I desperately wanted a different life for both myself and my children. I simply could not accept my life the way it was; there had to be something better for us than merely existing. Finally, armed with the knowledge I had gained from my mistakes, I relocated and started again from scratch. Looking back I met many good people along my journey, but none of them could help me until I had learnt how to help myself. I am the mother of three children, and although the legacy of our experiences still lives on for us, its influence diminishes, day by day. Much of what is contained within these pages would have served to make my journey from the abuse I suffered much shorter. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but by its very nature it arrives after the time when you need it most. I have written this survival guide in the hope that it’s content will now arrive in time to help someone else. My past will always be a part of me, but it no longer dictates my future.

You can read the guide on-line by clicking on this link: Proud To Be Me II

Nicol Hick – Proud to be me.

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