Proud To Be Me

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This revised version of our survival guide includes a new section on the damage that childhood sexual abuse causes women. The original guide was written from the perspective of men who have been abused, much of the information coming from my own experiences and those of the many brave men, and those who support them, who found the courage to tell their stories to me so that I could include their experiences in the guide, so that others could benefit.

But, since the Lantern Project began, many women have also asked me for help and advise, knowledge that I did not really have, so I set out to discover what the differences were between men and women who have been sexually abused, not just as children, but in later life as well.

My quest took me to many places, including several prisons in the north-west of England, where, as in all prisons, the true cost of childhood abuse can be found in the ruined lives of men and women whose potential was destroyed by the abuse they suffered, leading so many of them into the chaotic life styles that eventually resulted in their imprisonment.

When I had collected the information I needed, I sought the wisdom of Zoe, a survivor her self, and a counsellor (many of you will know her from the message forum on the site). I discussed everything I had learnt with her, and she then wrote me the section that now makes the new version of the guide so much more valuable.

You can read the guide on-line by clicking on this link: Proud To Be Me

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