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on Mar 14, 16 • in News

Since September 2014, a number of individuals have conducted a smear campaign against the Lantern Project. Some of these individuals are well known to us, and some are not, although we do know who they are. The reason behind the campaign is also known to us, and while we can’t comment further on it at this stage, we can say that the police are also aware of it, and are investigating the reasons behind it.

In the meantime, many of the people we support have expressed their dismay that they are not able to respond to the malicious smears being published on social media, anonymous blogs and in the press about us, without themselves being targeted too.

To provide some balance to this situation, survivors introduced a guest book in January 2015, in which they could record their thoughts about the Lantern Project and the service we provide, which could be shared with others. So, here are some of those comments; and we will publish more over time.


“I was very wary about coming here at first, as I didn’t know what to expect. But everyone here at Lantern have been so welcoming and kind. Coming here has helped me so much. Thank you.”


“In valuable project. I have encountered many people who have experienced abuse in their lives. Many, like myself, have addictions and have never had an outlet, with many paying the ultimate price. This service has provided me with such an outlet.”


“The Lantern Project was and is a lifeline for me. At a time of deepest despair, someone was there to listen, and I will be forever grateful.With you support, I have been able to deal with issues that have been hidden for 45 years, and I now feel free from guilt and shame. Thank you.”


Thank you for being a light in a very dark place, and continuing to be a place of safety.”


“Thank you so much for saving me. I would have been dead, literally, if it wasn’t for you.”


“The Lantern Project is amazing, friendly and a no stress atmosphere. You have helped me and my partner a lot, and I am so grateful the place exists. Without it, survivors would have nothing and no one to listen to them. Thank you all so much.”


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