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Behind closed doors.
Tomlin, Jenny
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 2005
ISBN: 0340837918
This book tells the true story of a child brought up in a violent family where the father physically and sexually abused his children. The author goes on to describe how she survived and how she has now found happiness.

Breaking free: help for survivors of child sexual abuse.Ainscough, Carolyn and Toon, Kay
London: Sheldon Press, 2000
ISBN: 0859698106
Aims to help survivors of child sexual abuse. Investigates the effects of child sexual abuse, including: guilt and shame, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, fear of relationships and sexual problems. Includes discussions of false memory syndrome and female abusers, and draws on accounts from survivors.

Breaking free workbook: practical help for survivors of child sexual abuse.
Ainscough, Carolyn and Toon, Kay
London: Sheldon Press, 2000
ISBN: 0859698041
A workbook for male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Includes practical exercises aimed at recognising, understanding & working on the problems resulting from childhood abuse. Contents: How to use this book & keep safe; How the abuse has affected my life; Coping strategies; Dealing with emotions, flashbacks & hallucinations; Why didn’t I stop the abuse?; Did I cause the abuse?; But I still feel guilty…; Abusers; Mothers; Childhood; The past, present & future.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood: from adversity to resilience.
Furman, Ben
London: BT Press, 1998
ISBN: 1871697727
A book to help adults abused as children explore the strengths and joys as well as the difficulties of their childhood.

Breaking the silence; survivors of child abuse speak out.
Mullinar, Liz and Hunt, Candida
Hodder Headline Australia, 1998
ISBN: 0733604838
Members of the Australian organisation, Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) write about their experiences of childhood abuse.

Sibling abuse: hidden physical, emotional, and sexual trauma.Wiehe, Vernon R.
Thousand Oaks, Calif.; London: Sage, 1997
ISBN: 0761910093
Identifies different forms of sibling abuse and suggests methods of treatment. Includes personal accounts by people who have experienced sibling abuse.

The transcendent child: tales of triumph over the past.
Rubin, Lillian B.
New York: Basic Books, 1996
ISBN: 0465086691
Illustrates, using personal accounts, how adults abused in childhood can overcome their earlier experiences.

Beginning to heal: a first book for survivors of child sexual abuse.
Bass, Ellen and Davis, Laura
Vermillion, 1993
ISBN: 0091823382
A book divided into two parts: part one looks at the healing process (remembering, breaking silence, grieving, etc) and part two contains five accounts by women who had been sexually abused.

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse.
Courtois, Christine A.
Milwakee, Wisconsin: Families International, Inc, 1993
ISBN: 0873042476

Strong at the broken places: overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse.
Sanford, Linda T.
London: Virago Press, 1991
ISBN: 1853813745
Describes how adults abused in childhood have managed to break free from patterns of abuse and victimisation, and go on to lead fulfilling lives .


Out of the dark.
Caine, Linda and Royston, Robin
London: Corgi Adult, 2004
ISBN: 0552148695
An autobiographical account which traces the emotional and psychological development of a woman who was abused and raped as a child, and her efforts to come to terms with her past. Written through the eyes of the victim and her psychiatrist, this book raises issues of self-esteem, problems in family life, depression, and the psychological effect of abuse.

The courage to heal: a guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse.
Bass, Ellen and Davis, Laura
London: Vermillion, 2002
ISBN: 0091884209
Offers practical advice to women who were sexually abused as children. Includes personal accounts, resources, information for friends and family, and guidance on rebuilding self esteem, intimacy and the capacity to love.

Our little secret: my life in the shadow of abuse.
Dante, Tori
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 2001
ISBN: 034078590X
The autobiography of a woman who was sexually abused by her father as a young girl. The book tells the story of her journey in coming to terms with her childhood abuse, her drug abuse, her conversion to Christianity, and her role in bringing her father to trial.

Once in a house on fire.
Ashworth, Andrea
London: Picador, 1998
ISBN: 0330351915
An autobiographical account of growing up in Manchester in the 1970s with a violent step-father.

Wednesday’s child: research into women’s experience of neglect and abuse in childhood, and adult depression.
Bifulco, Antonia and Moran, Patricia
London: Routledge, 1998
ISBN: 041516527X
Summarises twenty years of research into the link between child abuse and adult depression. Covers not only sexual abuse and physical abuse, but also psychological abuse, hostile parenting and role-reversal. The reasons why such neglect and abuse occur are explored in terms of marital breakdown, poverty and parental psychiatric disorder.

Sophia’s story.
McKay, Susan
Dublin: Gill and MacMillan, 1998
ISBN: 0717127974
Biography of Sophia McColgan who was abused by her father. She later sued her former GP and her local health board for negligence.

Peckham Cry: the story of one womens courageous struggle to make a normal life for herself after years of abuse as a child.
Cooke, Janice
London: Frustrated Writers Society, 1996
ISBN: 0952922509

When you’re ready: a woman’s healing from childhood physical and sexual abuse by her mother.
Evert, Kathy
Rockville, Md: Launch Press, 1987
ISBN: 0961320540


A man’s recovery from traumatic childhood abuse: the insiders.
Blackburn Knight, Robert
New York; London: Haworth Press, 2002
ISBN: 0789010658
Recounts the author’s experience of childhood sexual abuse and subsequent therapy as an adult.

Child abuse lasts a lifetime.
O’Grady, Michael
New York: Michael O’Grady, 2001
ISBN: 0971243808
A 59 year old American man recounts his experience of 12 years in an abusive foster home and the psychological aftermath of his abusive childhood.

A child called “it”.
Pelzer, Dave
London: Orion, 2000
ISBN: 0752832220
Autobiographical account of struggle and survival during a childhood of beatings and neglect by an alcoholic mother.

The lost boy.
Pelzer, Dave
London: Orion, 2000
ISBN: 0752838709
Continuation of the autobiographical account of struggle and survival during a childhood of beatings and neglect by an alcoholic mother. The story continues with the author’s encounters with foster care.

A man named Dave.
Pelzer, Dave
London: Orion, 2000
ISBN: 0752841149
Concluding volume of the autobiographical account of struggle and survival during a childhood of beatings and neglect by an alcoholic mother. The story continues with the author confronting his past.

Adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Etherington, Kim
London: Pitman, 1995
ISBN: 0273616560

Come here: a man overcomes the tragic aftermath of childhood sexual abuse.
Berendzen, Richard and Palmer, Laura
New York: Villard Books, 1993
ISBN: 067941777X

Wounded boys, heroic men: a man’s guide to recovering from child abuse.
Sonkin, Daniel Jay
Stamford, CT: Longmeadow Press, 1992
A workbook for men, who have suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse as children, to help them overcome the negative long-term effects.


Help, someone I care about was abused.
Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service
Swanley, Kent: Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service, 2004
This booklet aims to help those who have found out someone close to them was abused as a child. It is written from a Christian perspective and provides advice and contacts.

Living with the legacy of abuse: how to make your relationship work when your partner is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
Engel, Beverly
London: Camden Press, 1998
ISBN: 0948491531
First published under the title “Partners in recovery”.

Partners in recovery: how mates, lovers and other prosurvivors can learn to support and cope with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Engel, Beverley
New York: Ballentine, 1993
ISBN: 0449906752

Outgrowing the pain together: a book for spouses and partners of adults abused as children.
Gil, Eliana
New York: Dell Publishing, 1992
ISBN: 0440503728

Allies in healing: when the person you love was sexually abused as a child.
Davis, Laura
New York: Harper Perennial, 1991
ISBN: 0060968834

Ghosts in the bedroom: a guide for parents of incest survivors.
Graber, Ken
Deerfield Beach, Fla: Health Communications, 1991
ISBN: 155874116X


Can you read me? Creative writing with child and adult victims of abuse.
Pritchard, Jacki and Sainsbury, Eric
London: Jessica Kingsley, 2004
ISBN: 1843101920
Presents poems, stories and journals written by abused children and adults abused as children. Aims to help health and social care workers facilitate creative writing as a contribution to emotional healing. Includes photocopiable exercises and an appendix of writings for use in staff training.

Healing tasks: psychotherapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse.
Kepner, James I.
Hillsdale, N. J.: Analytic Press, 2003
ISBN: 0881634026
Presents a model for working with survivors of abuse and other traumas which is based on the developmental stages of healing with specific tasks for each stage. Contains techniques for helping clients to develop emotional and systemic supports, manage feelings, and set appropriate boundaries. Includes guidance on dealing with abuse memories. Aimed at psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors and adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Breaking the silence: working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Community Health Sheffield
Brighton: Pavilion Publishing, 2002
An introduction to issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse, aimed at staff working in mental health services. Looks at survivors’ experiences, facts about childhood sexual abuse, long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse, issues for different client groups, good practice guidelines, dealing with disclosures, staff care, child protection issues and memory and traumatic memory. Includes resources section with contact details for relevant organisations and services, and recommended reading.

Counselling survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Draucker, Claire Burke
London: Sage, 2000
ISBN: 0761965815
Contents: The false memory debate: counselling implications; Disclosing an experience of child sexual abuse; Focusing on the abuse experience; Reinterpreting the sexual abuse experience from an adult perspective; Addressing the context of the sexual abuse; Making desired life changes; Addressing resolution issues; Group counselling; Case study: the counselling process with an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Adults abused as children: experiences of counselling and psychotherapy.
Dale, Peter
London: Sage, 1999
ISBN: 0761959998
Written for counsellors and therapists, this book includes accounts by several clients and therapists of their experiences of the therapeutic process.

Betrayed as boys: psychodynamic treatment of sexually abused men.
Gartner, Richard B.
New York; London: Guilford Press, 1999
ISBN: 1572304677
Looks at the sexual betrayal of boys, encoding sexual abuse as sexual initiation, struggles about masculinity, same-sex abuse, the familial and cultural context of abuse, the effect of boundary violations, dissociation and multiple self-states, the patient-therapist relationship, gender and the therapeutic relationship, and group therapy.

‘I never told anyone this before’: managing the initial disclosure of sexual abuse re-collections.
Gasker, Janice A.
Binghamton, N.Y.: Haworth Press, 1999
ISBN: 0789004623
Guide for those working with clients who disclose memories of sexual abuse. Contents: Moving beyond the debate: theoretical perspectives; Revisionist vocabulary; From disclosure to integration: processing re-collections of sexual abuse; First-time stories: the structure of therapy; First-time stories: the interactional context; Therapeutic implications; Therapeutic techniques; Special considerations for special populations; Troubleshooting; Research methods.

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