Statement on recent smears against the Lantern Project

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STATEMENT BY THE LANTERN PROJECT – Registered Charity No. 109726 – 25th November 2016.

A person using the name ‘James Thrasher’ and the email address: ‘’ has posted on social media allegations that myself, Graham Wilmer MBE, and a member of my family, Rory Wilmer, are responsible for the content of a website with the URL, which seeks to undermine a number of other survivors organisations (including the Lantern Project), namely NAPAC, White Flowers Alba and Reflections.

Mr Thrasher (if indeed that person actually exists), also claims that the support group Reflections CIC (which is registered at the offices of the Lantern Project, until it can secure premises of its own) is ‘sending assets to Wilmer’s Lantern Project, and that it is also ‘depositing monies in Prague, which are not declared anywhere by the Reflections group’.

These allegations are false and are part of the ongoing campaign of harassment and abuse being waged against the Lantern Project and survivors we support, which began on 6th September 2014, after the Home Office announced that I had agreed to assist the then Chair of the IICSA (Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse), Fiona Woolf, which ran until February 2015, when it was replaced by a statutory inquiry, under the chairmanship of Justice Lowell Goddard, with powers of compulsion granted through the Public Inquiries Act of 2005.

The individuals behind this campaign, which also targets other survivors and support groups, not connected to the Lantern Project, are well known to the police, and there are ongoing criminal investigations into their behaviour.

Our lawyers are also aware of the activities of these individuals, and civil proceedings against them will be considered once any criminal investigations have been concluded. Until then, we expect that the campaign to undermine all who are being targeted by these individuals will continue.

I wrote to the current chair of the IICSA, Professor Alexis Jay, in October, informing her of the situation and the action we will be taking by way of restitution for the harm caused.


Issued by Graham Wilmer MBE – Director The Lantern Project, registered charity No. 1097265, established in 2003. Contact: 0151 606 4801.


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