The Lantern Project poem

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Photo by Rory Wilmer Photography

The lantern project

A poem By Christine Parrish

There I was all alone at sea
Massive waves crashing down on me
The waves were men that stole my innocence, natural development and form.

The abuse broke my soul, I was left so torn.
I noticed a light in the bleakness of night,
It flickered so gently, it beckoned me slight.

The more I moved closer a rope was thrown out to me,
A man holding a lantern said “come on out of the sea”

Waves crashed on me too and I was left torn’
Surviving the ocean so long, weathered through my experience, but gifted for a charity to be born.

I’m here to help you and give you some hope,
So lets take the first leap and step off this boat.

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