Lantern Project supports ACEs in Cumbria.

on Aug 24, 18 • in News

A new book called ‘ACEs in the shadows, written by a survivor of institutional child abuse, has been published in Cumbria, as part of a campaign to inform professionals working with children who have experienced adverse experiences in childhood, about the life changing consequences of trauma suffered in childhood. The new book, ‘ACEs in the shadows: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences’, is available on Amazon. Graham Wilmer, founder of the Lantern Project, a survivor of child abuse himself, who worked with the author, said: ” The author’s adverse childhood experiences are an example of how our society has mistreated children over many years, while pretending to be a sophisticated, first world country. The reality is very different. Children, and there are many thousands of them, have had their life chances completely destroyed by adults who abused their power and influence. The war, and it is a war, against the violation of children, has only just begun. It will be a long war.”

Graham added: “There are people out there who are trying very hard to undermine the courageous efforts of survivors of child abuse to come forward and give their testimony. Some of these individuals claim to be survivors themselves, others include a diverse range of individuals, some professionals, others just perhaps misguided folks without much else to do, who, through the advent of social media, believe they have a right to call out and abuse anyone they want to, simply because they can. That will change, but, in any case, they matter not. It is the voices of those who had the courage to speak truth to power that will be remembered, not the voices of those who tried to stop them.”


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