More Fake News Folks!

on Jul 20, 17 • in News

Recent statements on a blog are claiming that The Lantern Project is no longer. Its Fake News folks! All part of the smear campaign being run by a number of identified individuals, about who you will hear more in due course. What is true is that the Lantern Project Community Interest Company (CIC) has been removed from the register of companies at Companies House, at our request, as it is no longer required. The LP CIC was set up at to service the contract we were negotiating at the time with Wirral NHS PCT, who said they preferred to commission CICs rather than Charities. When the PCT was replaced in 2014 by a new  administration, Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we, along with several other 3rd sector commissioned services in Wirral were put under review as part of the local NHS funding cuts.

At the same time, the Lantern Project came under sustained attack from a group of individuals, who put out false stories about what we do and who we are. These stories were published in the main stream press and, of course, on Social Media. This campaign did not help us with the negation we were having with the new Wirral CCG, and, in December 2015, they withdrew all of our funding, which resulted in all of our staff being made redundant, and the closure of the peer support counselling service we had been providing for hundreds of victims and survivors since the Lantern Project was established in 2000, originally under the name Victims No Longer.

However, the Lantern Project Registered Charity, is still going, providing support and information to help victims and survivors who continue to contact the project. Over the coming weeks and months, the next chapter in the story will emerge, and you will become aware of who is behind the campaign to destroy all we have done, and, more importantly, why they acted as they did. It is not a pretty story, but it needs to be told and it will be.




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