The JMU study – Somebody’s telling porkies!

on Aug 19, 17 • in News

On August 10th, a post on the anonymous blog ‘Real Troll Exposure’ (RTE), included parts of letter the author claimed to have obtained from Liverpool JMU, in response to a FOI made by a so called investigative journalist based in Wales, who had then passed the letter on to RTE.

The letter claimed that the University, who were conducting a research programme into the effectiveness or other wise of the therapeutic recovery model we had developed to help victims of sexual abuse (Unstructured Therapeutic Disclosure) recover from the long-term impact of psychosexual trauma suffered in childhood or early life, had never been aware of the fact that the Lantern Project was part funded by Wirral NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The author of the part quoted letter says that at no time were they told that we were working with people who were NHS patients, or that we were funded by the NHS, and that no documents, or other material published by the Lantern Project, stated that we were funded by the NHS.

Well, thats a bit odd, considering the fact that the annual return we are required to submit to the Charity Commission, and which is published on the Commission’s web site, says the following:

“Summary of the main achievements of the Lantern Project during 2015.

Supported by funding from The Home Office and Wirral NHS CCG, the Lantern Project continued to provide peer support counselling to victims and survivors of sexual abuse. We also provided advice to the Church of England’s National Safeguarding Panel, and attended all panel meetings, and we provided information and resource material through our web site. We also provided specialist training to other professionals working with victims and survivors.


Statement of the Lantern Project’s policy on reserves.

All funds donated to the Lantern Project by individuals, or awarded by funding bodies, both restricted and unrestricted, are used for the purposes outlined in the summary of our main activities. We therefore do not accrue reserves for the purpose of generating additional income through investment, endowment or interest bearing savings, however, the trustees ensure that there are always sufficient funds available to cover direct overhead costs.


In 2015, the Lantern Project was supported by grant funding from Wirral NHS CCG, Wirral CCG, the Home Office and private donations.


The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above. Signed on behalf of the Lantern Project’s trustees

Graham Wilmer

Name: Graham Wilmer MBE – Director. 31/10/2016.”

So, not sure who is telling porkies here, but, as the author of RTE likes to boast: ‘facts beat bullshit each and every time’! We have always been clear who funds us, not just in the documents we produce, but in the many meetings and email exchanges we had with JMU during the development of their study, and while they claim in the letter (if its a real letter, of course) that they have ‘no documentary evidence’ to support their claim’, we do!

In summary then, I think we can add this little bit of RTE ‘bullshit’ to the growing folder evidencing the smear campaign RTE and others have been running against us for over two years now! Oh, and for the record, the Met Police have confirmed that the author (or one of them) of RTE is Simon Just, the Kendal based Super Troll, who was arrested recently, and not for the first time, for harrasing people he takes a dislike to. The so called investigative journalist who made the FOI to JMU, is a chap called Brian Morgan. You will hear more about him in the near future!





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