The Lantern Project donates information resources to the Methodist Church to assist with safeguarding training

on Aug 13, 18 • in News

The Lantern Project has donated a significant quantity of information resources to the Methodist Church, to support their safeguarding training programme. The resource material, which has been supplied free of charge, includes educational books and CDs, written and produced by the Lantern Project, which explain the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse, how to help victims and survivors deal with those consequences and how to manage the complex process of disclosure. Graham Wilmer MBE, Director of the Lantern project, said: “We have been working with the Methodist Church and the Church of England for a number of years now, helping develop their safeguarding policies and training programmes. The material we have donated to the Methodist Church will be used throughout the UK, and also overseas, as part of the Churches safeguarding training programme, which is being put in place to make the Methodist Church a safer place for children and adults who are vulnerable.”


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